Alexis has always had a passion for beauty, whether it was hair, nails or makeup. However, her true enjoyment came from being a great leader and helping others. She was always put in positions to lead whether that be a team leader for a school project or captain of the cheer team. This is when she knew her purpose in life was to simply help others. Alexis wanted to start her own beauty business since she was 18, but educating herself was important to her, so she went to school for Business Accounting. After graduating from college, she moved from Maryland to Virginia to start her career as an Accountant. As you can imagine, sitting behind a desk can be a bit boring. Although she enjoys her full time position, she wanted something more exciting.

If you know Alexis, you know that she is the life of the party. She seems shy but she has such a vibrant personality. She loves to get cute and go out with friends. She noticed that so many people would compliment her makeup. They loved how natural and seamless it looked. This is when she realized it was time to share her tips and tricks with other women.

Not only did she want to share knowledge, she wanted to provide women with the products that she knew worked for her. Alexis wanted to create a brand dedicated to her personal style of makeup- which is natural glam. She realized that there weren't many brands that dedicated their entire brand to one specific style of makeup. She was never really into the full glam looks because she felt like those makeup styles took away from her natural beauty completely. She always thought simple was better and now that she's working full time, she has less time to put on her makeup. Realizing that most people could relate to that, she created Mocha Bae Beauty - a brand dedicated to the natural glam style of makeup encouraging women to have confidence and embrace their beautiful features.